Thanks-Skiing Fest 2 | FAQs


Q: What do I need to do to register for the event?
A: Click on the Application link under Thanks-Skiing Fest 2.

Q: Who is this Shabbaton for?
A: 25-45 year old, Jewish Professionals who are either Shomer Shabbat and keep kosher or are ok respecting that environment.  If you aren’t single, and you still want to come, please contact Jodi to discuss your situation.  If space is available, you may be able to be accommodated.

Q: Will everyone be accepted to attend the Shabbaton?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: If I fall out of this demographic, can I still come?
A: Please email Jodi with your specific situation so it can be discussed.  There is a specific demographic target for this Shabbaton and to be fair to all participants, who are coming because they are expecting this population, there will be focus on staying within this framework.  This is a shared housing situation as well, which means even more that attending participants need to feel comfortable on a Judaic level with a Shabbos environment respected by all.

Q: People of other ages would enjoy and benefit from this program.  What’s the issue of making it 21-50, for example?
A: The more expansive the age target is for the event, the less likely people on certain ends of the spectrum will want to participate.  So, the age group is kept a bit tighter.

Q: If I don’t know Jodi directly, will I need to provide some sort of reference?
A: Yes.  Given the nature of the shared housing and ensuring a positive environment for all to be comfortable, Jodi will be checking references.

Q: What is the point/agenda of this Shabbaton?
A: To have Jewish Professionals come together in the same location to build community, celebrate American Thanksgiving, while having a blast with winter sports.

Q: What airport should I fly in and out of?
A: Vancouver (YVR).

Q: How far are the houses from the airport?
A: 1:30-2 hours.

Q: Will there be a Sefer Torah on Shabbos?
A: Yes.

Q: I love to help.  Is there something I can do?
A: Yes.  Please be in touch with Jodi about helping with Shabbat services, speaking opportunities, etc.

Q: How many people can come to the Shabbaton?
A: TBD.  As of now, there are 2 houses for a total of 20 people.  If more people sign up, more houses will open be opened up.

Q: If I don’t come for the entire time, can the registration fee be reduced?
A: For simplicity and given costs to actually put on the event, in the way that it is structured, the price will remain the same for all, no matter how much of the event that person attends.

Q: I have to cancel.  Can I get a refund?
A: Due to the up front costs of planning the trip, once you have registered, no refunds can be granted.  In the case that the trip fills up completely, a refund may potentially be given.


Q: Where am I staying?
A: Extremely nice luxury houses will be used that are ski in/ski out (weather dependent).  They are less than a 5 minute walk to each other.  One house has 11-13 beds and 7 bathrooms and the other house has 7 beds and 4 bathrooms.  The places are amazing, very modern, well equipped, spacious, clean, and in a great environment.  There is laundry, wireless internet, a Jacuzzi, foosball table and more.  In the case that there is not enough snow to ski out, it is only a 2 minute drive to the Creekside base (lifts, ski rentals, etc) or 6 minute drive to the main Whistler Village.

Q: Are houses coed?
A: For now, that is TBD, depending on who registers, etc.  If you prefer to have an all male or all female sleeping floor and/or bathroom, please let Jodi know at registration.

Q: I plan to come in early or stay late.  Can the houses be available early or late, for an additional cost?
A: 1 house will be available on Sunday night, with limited space.  There will be an additional charge of $150 for accommodations and meals, if you stay.

Q: What are the room setups?
A: Some have kings, some have queens, some have single bunkbeds, and some rooms are a combination of bed sizes.  If you are willing to share a queen or king bed with a friend, let Jodi know.

Q: Can I have my own room?
A: Where available, you can pay an upcharge of $250 to have your own room for the 4 nights.  In order to secure that, please request and pay that fee at registration.  If not available, in the end once numbers are finalized, the $250 will be returned.

Q: If I want my own private space, are there other hotels in the area?
A: While this trip is geared for the person who is comfortable being around others and sharing space, if you are to find your own accommodations, then you can join the group for all meals, activities, etc for $500..

Q: Can my roommate requests be honored?
A: The best will be done to do that, but the setup there is what we’ve got to play with.


Q: Will I need to rent a car to get around?
A: You can either take a shuttle from the airport or rent a car.  There will be parking at the houses.

Q: How do we get to Saturday night activities?
A: Transportation will be provided.

Q: Can I share a car with others?
A: Yes and if you need help getting into a shuttle or rental car group, please use this google doc to help match yourself up:

Q: How will I know where the houses are located?
A: The houses are in the Taluswood Ridge Area, above the Creekside base.  Addresses will be be provded closer to the event.


Q: Is the food Kosher?
A: The food will be 100% Kosher and under the guidance of a certified orthodox mashgiach from Seattle.

Q: Who is making all of this food?
A: David Babani, The head chef of KoGo Seattle – Kosher meat food truck will be our private chef.

Q: What food will be served?
A: Please see the Menu link for the latest menu.

Q: I have specific food allergies and restrictions.  Will they be accommodated?
A: Yes, as long as indicated in your registration form.


Q: I need rental gear.  Where can I get it?
A:  Discounted rentals will be available, and info will be provided soon.

Q: How much are lift tickets?
A: For 3/4 days, it will cost $267 plus tax, Canadian.

Q: Should I buy my own lift tickets?
A: Yes, because many people already have Washington State Edge Cards and Epic Passes.  In order to get a group discount, 20 regular lift ticket sets would need to be purchased together.