3rd Winter MoDox Shabbaton | FAQs


Q: What do I need to do to register for the event?
A: Click on the Application link under 3rd Winter MoDox Shabbaton.

Q: Who is this Shabbaton for?
A: 26-43 year old, non married/non dating people, who keep Shabbos or want to be in that environment because that’s where they strive/are growing to be and plan to observe during the Shabbaton.  It is also for those who want to come together to do the activities as a group, including skiing at the same places on the same days.

Q: Will everyone be accepted to attend the Shabbaton?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: If I fall out of this demographic, can I still come?
A: There are 4 trips offered, and one is likely meant for you.  Please email Jodi with your specific situation so it can be discussed.  There is a specific demographic target for this Shabbaton and to be fair to all participants, who are coming because they are expecting this population, there will be focus on staying within this framework.  This is a shared housing situation as well, which means even more that attending participants need to feel comfortable on a Judaic level with a Shabbos environment kept by all.

Q: People of other ages would enjoy and benefit from this program.  What’s the issue of making it 21-50, for example?
A: The more expansive the age target is for the event, the less likely people on certain ends of the spectrum will want to participate.  So, the age group is kept a bit tighter.

Q: If I don’t know Jodi directly, will I need to provide some sort of reference?
A: Yes.  Given the nature of the shared housing and ensuring a positive environment for all to be comfortable, Jodi will be checking references.

Q: What is the point/agenda of this Shabbaton?
A: To have observant Jews come together in the same location to build community, while having a blast with winter sports and remembering the life of Adam Ross – friend and extraordinary skier and person!

Q: What airport should I fly in and out of?
A: Salt Lake City.

Q: How far are the houses from the airport?
A: 40 minutes.

Q: Will there be a Sefer Torah on Shabbos?
A: Yes.

Q: I love to help.  Is there something I can do?
A: Yes.  Please be in touch with Jodi about helping shlep in fresh baked goods, helping with Shabbat services, speaking opportunities, etc.

Q: How many people can come to the Shabbaton?
A: There are approximately 32 spaces.

Q: If I don’t come for the entire time, can the registration fee be reduced?
A: For simplicity and given costs to actually put on event, in the way that it is structured, the price will remain the same for all, no matter how much of the event that person attends.

Q: I have to cancel.  Can I get a refund?
A: Due to the up front costs of planning the trip, once you have registered, no refunds can be granted.  In the case that the trip fills up completely, a refund may potentially be given.


Q: Where am I staying?
A: Extremely nice cabin houses will be used.  They are next door to each other.  Each cabin sleeps about 15 people and has 5-6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  The cabins are located in the mountains (remote location/no public transit option), about a 20 minute drive to the ski resorts.  In order to access the cabins, a 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicle is needed.  The places are amazing, very modern, well equipped, spacious, clean, and in a great environment.

Q: Are cabins coed?
A: Not likely.  1 cabin will be  male and the other female.  In the case of uneven numbers, 1 room/bathroom in the other house may be designated for the opposite sex.

Q: I plan to come in early or stay late.  Can the cabins be available early or late, for an additional cost?
A: The cabins will not be available after the event, but you can come one day early, on Wednesday night (March 9), for an additional cost of $60.  No meals will be served that day.

Q: What are the room setups?
A: Some have kings, some have queens, some have single bunkbeds, and some rooms are a combination of bed sizes.  If you are willing to share a queen or king bed with a friend, that is super helpful!

Q: Can I have my own room?
A: That’s not possible given the type of housing acquired for this type of Shabbaton.  Requests for this can’t be accommodated.

Q: If I want my own private space, are there other hotels in the area?
A: These cabins are in a remote location and nowhere near anything else.  This trip is geared for the person who is comfortable being around others and sharing space.

Q: Can my requests for roommate requests be honored?
A: The best will be done to do that, but the setup there is what we’ve got to play with.


Q: Will I need to rent a car to get around?
A: Yes.  You will either need to rent your own car or join up with others and share a car.  Public transport will not be sufficient.  A 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicle will need to be rented.  Otherwise, chains will need to be put on tires to go from the highway into the area of the cabins.

Q: Can I share a car with others?
A: Yes and if you need help getting into a rental car group, please use this google doc to help match yourself up:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkYsBZFzzTZzdEMzdnpDVElLWDBDR0pWREtxMTRBRFE&usp=sharing#gid=0.

Q: How will I know where the houses, ski resorts, and other venues are located?
A: A google map with all venues will be sent out to participants.


Q: Is the food Kosher?
A: The food will be 100% Kosher and under the guidance of the Oregon Kosher, Oregon’s Vaad.

Q: Where is the food coming from?
A: It will be sourced both locally in Utah and shipped in.

Q: Who is making all of this food?
A: Chef Karen Hughes, graduate of the Park City Culinary Institute, Oregon Culinary Institute, & Portland Bartending Academy.

Q: What food will be served?
A: Please see the Menu link for the latest menu.

Q: I have specific food allergies and restrictions.  Will they be accommodated?
A: Yes, as long as indicated in your registration form.

Q: What is the plastic cup situation, this year?
A: Unlimited J.


Q: I need rental gear.  Where can I get it?
A:  Rental gear is at a 30% discount.  Fill out this form to secure your rentals: www.skirentals.com/jodiberris.  It is cheaper to rent from here and they also won’t charge to keep the skis over Saturday.  Canyons Breeze is located at 4343 North Hwy 224, Park City, UT 84098 at the entrance to The Canyon’s resort on North Hwy 224 in Park City.  The ski shop is open 8 am-6 pm.  Skis can be picked up and dropped off at any location.

Q: Can I also get discounts on lessons?
A: Park City offers a 20% discount on group lessons and a code will be given to book those once our group lift tickets have been purchased.  The Canyons and Deer Valley discounts are much more complicated to enact (given advanced setup, needing to be at the same level, or setting up an “account” and therefore, I am not able to offer anything at this point.  I am working with them to give me an alternative option, so that I can provide some discount to you.

Q: Can I snowboard at Deer Valley?
A: Deer Valley does not allow snowboarders.

Q: Where can I board on Deer Valley day?
A: You can choose either Park City or The Canyons.

Q: I am an epic pass holder, what should I do about this?
A: Please contact Jodi to talk about that.